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"I went back to Marshall after months of physical therapy which wasn't doing much for me.  I feel much better and LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the ARX!  I may walk in feeling achy and stiff, but when I'm through with the ARX, my body feels much better.  And competing with myself is not only fun but energyzing...

I also like to newly redecorated space and the friendly, personal atmosphere.  

I'm hooked!


​Age: 74


"I could really feel the workout  and only 3 exercises - could barely walk!! incredible!"


​Age: 65


"Crazy.!!!   I could not believe the fact that in 6 minutes I had a full body workout!! And I could do it in my regular clothes! The workout was awesome.  I really felt it the next two days.  I cancelled my regular membership at the gym I used to go to!"


Age:  38